Starts to Work in 7 seconds...

  • 7 Seconds to install on door
  • No Tape or screws required
  • 7 Minutes and whole restroom is refreshed
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Verry Berry & Sweetest Pea - 100% recyclable

The amazing new DoorPod™ was invented for Eco friendly users.  Natural Earth-Essence™ ensures the highest quality fragrances for eliminating any unwanted odors.

DoorPod™ Page, First impression Air Freshener simple swinging motion of the door activates the battery free spray free air freshener.

Earth Friendly Air Freshener

Refreshing Air in Seconds

Imagine using the world’s most earth friendly air freshener - because it uses no batteries! You power it up by simply swinging the door. DoorPod catches the breeze and releases the fresh aroma of Earth-Essence™ natural fragrances out through the vented dispenser.

No Tools required!
Simply peel the tape and stick  DoorPod on the edge of any door.

In seconds you will notice the difference.

Refills are available in Santa Barbara Sea Breeze, Verry Berry, & Sweetest Pea. Because they are made out of ceramic/purified earth, Verry Berry and Sweetest Pea are 100% recyclable!


No Batteries Required!


Fragrances for DoorPods

Refills Item # Application
Santa Barbara Sea Breeze™     DPR10            Citrus Fragrance
Verry Berry™ DPR20 Fruity Fragrance
Sweetest Pea DPR30 Floral Fragrance
Golden Tuscan Citrus™ DPR60 Citrus Apple
Mango™ DPR70 Mango Fruity Fragrance





Video "How the DoorPod™ can help save your business:

 Video "Air Spencer USA LLC Sea Breeze DPR10":