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Urinal Drain- Ballz™

Introducing the revolutionary "Urinal Drain-Ballz™"! This innovative product is designed to effectively tackle the persistent issue of uric acid buildup in men's urinals, ensuring clear drains and stain-free surfaces. By simply placing the Urinal Drain-Ballz™ in the urinal, it works its magic by breaking down and eliminating uric acid deposits, preventing clogs and unpleasant odors. Its powerful formulation not only clears the drain but also removes any existing stains, leaving the urinal pristine and hygienic. For quicker and more efficient cleaning, multiple Drain-Ballz™ can be used simultaneously. What's more, this versatile solution is compatible with all types of urinal screens, making it an ideal choice for maintenance in various restroom settings. Say goodbye to plugged urinals and hello to hassle-free cleaning with the Urinal Drain-Ballz™!

PeePod™ Urinal Drain-Ballz™
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